• Pharmaceutical analysis

 1.Analysis/stability/CMC one-stop service for IND/CTA, NDA/MAA & ANDA

 2.Method development and method verification

 3.Analyze test and release

 4.Stability study

 5.Large-scale separation

 6.CMC declaration document

  • Biopharmaceutical services

 1.Analysis method development, authentication and verification

 2.Bioanalytical tests

 3.Analysis of service and raw material inspection

 4.Study on forced degradation and stability

  • Analysis services

 1.Early analysis of r&d and quality control

 2.Later analysis of research and development and product support

 3.Stability study

 4.The new drug declaration CMC service

 5.Separation and identification of impurities

 6.Physical and chemical characterization and other services

  • before clinical services

 1.General toxicology services

 2.GLP bioanalysis service

 3.Discovery of biological analysis services

 4.Preparation and GLP analysis of chemical services

  • biological analysis services

 1.Characterization and analysis services

 2.Purity/content analysis services

 3.Featured services

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