It is a specialized production workshop for steroidal products, with a total area of about 300m2, and the fine baking area is a c-grade clean zone, with a clean area of about 150m2. The main production products include Fluticasone propionate, Beclomethasone propionate two, budesonide and other steroidal apis.


        Among them, the annual production capacity of Fluticasone propionate can reach 500kg/year, the annual production capacity of the Beclomethasone propionate two is 30kg, and the annual production capacity of the budesonide is 30kg.


  • The controlled non-clean zone reaction kettle is a glass - lined reactor with a capacity of 1000L. It has functions such as stirring, heating, cooling, reflux and concentration.

  •  The crystal kettle of grade C clean zone is made by SUS316L, and the roughness can be up to 0.3 um, which meets the requirements of hygienic level.


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